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Trailer & Towing FAQs

I am buying a horse trailer. How can I find out my car’s towing capacity
I am confused about my car’s kerb weight as the handbook says that it includes the driver. Is this correct
I have a horse trailer and whilst I can insure my horse I cannot insure the trailer. Can you help?
I have a motor home and want to tow a Fiat Seicento behind it using an A-frame. This car has a kerb weight under 750 kg so am I legal with this outfit?
What unbraked trailer can I tow?
I have bought a new caravan and when connected to my 1996 car the caravan’s fridge does not work whilst the engine is running. What is wrong?
I am told that I can tow 85% of my car’s kerb weight. Surely I can tow up to 100 %?
I own a Ford Ka and want to tow my sailing dinghy but am told that I cannot have a towbar fitted as it would be illegal. Surely not?